Why You Should Learn to Edit as an Animator

Here is my last Expat Animator episode of 2020. Transcript below video.


Are you learning animation but need a video editor to help your short film?
You should learn to edit!
I’ll tell you why in today’s episode.

Editing is the glue for your animated shots.
You can control your animation in the editing stage.
The original Star Wars movie was “saved” in the editing.
You shouldn’t use your animation software as your editing software.
I lost my video editor on my first big animation project, so I was forced to learn to edit so I could finish my short film.
Today’s video editing softwares can do compositing, timing, visual effects, recoloring, audio control and more.
You may loose control of your vision if someone else edits your animated shots.
So how do you learn to edit? You need an NLE. What is an NLE?
NLE stands for Non-linear editing system.
NLE examples are:
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premier Pro
Davinci Resolve
Even iMovie
Free NLEs:
My NLE of choice is Final Cut Pro
Video editing softwares can be intimidating, but are worth the time to learn if you really want to create an animation.
I recommend FCP because it is not that difficult to learn the basics.
It will cost you $300.
And you will need a Mac.
One thing I don’t like about Final Cut Pro for animation is that it doesn’t import image sequences yet. I hope they add that feature in a future release.
You can go another route like Premier Pro, but I like to buy software, not rent it.
With that said, if you are already paying for the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you already have Premier Pro, so that may be a good option for you.
No matter what software you choose, it will be worth your time to learn it for your next animated project.
Don’t agree with me?
What editing software do you recommend for animation?
Leave it in the comments below.

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This has been Patrick Davidson, the Expat Animator, see you next time!