TREP is my indie superhero project that started as an animated short film and was later expanded into an 80-page graphic novel. TREP is the story of two inventor friends, who are forced by circumstances to combine their skills to become a superhero.

I finished work on the animated version of TREP, after two years of work, in 2004. Over a decade later, I updated and expanded the original story into an 80-page graphic novel.

Watch the original animated trailer!

Creating my own graphic novel was something I have always wanted to do. Although I am not sure which was more work, the animation or the graphic novel. I had a blast working on both and I hope to revisit these characters again in the future.

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You can also read the graphic novel for free on Webtoons.

UPDATE: You can now watch the entire TREP animation for free!

And don’t forget to watch the TREP backstory video.