Thanks for your interest in TREP, my indie superhero project. TREP is the story of two inventor friends, who are forced by circumstances to combine their skills to become a superhero.

I’ve been working on these characters on and off again for almost 20 years now. Back in 2005, I finished a 22-minute 2D animation that I am very proud of.

About 10 years later I wanted to expand the story, so I decided to make an 80-page graphic novel.

During this time I have tried to gain an audience for TREP with limited success. Since I work on this project alone, it can be difficult to both create and promote it. So for the time being, work on the next installment of TREP is on hold. I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words of support for TREP and for everyone who has signed up for my TREP mailing list.

If you want to support TREP, you can buy each issue for only $1 over at ComiXology.

Or you can read the whole book for free over at Webtoons.

I do have a very limited printing of the graphic novel available, as well as some DVDs, but I am only selling them a few times a year for logistical reasons. (Shipping from Costa Rica is expensive). Please sign up for the mailing list to find out when they will be on sale again.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for the animation below. And thanks for your interest in TREP!