Traveling Gringos

My friend Eric and I created the world’s first daily animated web series, staring us, the Traveling Gringos.

Traveling Gringos is the semi-real-life animated travel adventures of myself and my friend Eric. I created a pilot episode in 2002 that was 5-minutes long. It was about accidentally going across the Panamanian border without my passport (a true story). Six years later, in 2008, we set up PodComics Studio where we animated 100 episodes of crazy travel adventures, starring the Traveling Gringos.

The “Gringos” never really made us much money and we’ve since gone on to other projects. Although we often talk about bringing them back, as we still have lots of other travel stories to tell. In the meantime, you can still watch all 100 episodes (~ 45-minutes total). Or just watch the highlights from Season One above.