Rough Animator v2.0: Straight Lines + Shape Tools

There’s a new version of Rough Animator out. I go over what’s new, including the new straight line and shape tools, and how to install the update in today’s episode of the Expat Animator.


There’s a new version of Rough Animator out. Let’s take a minute to see what’s new. As many of you may know I really enjoy using the program Rough Animator. I noticed that there is a new version out and this is a full number jump to version 2.0. The notes say that there are now Straight line tools! There are also square and circle tools as well. This is something that has been missing from Rough Animator but not something that I really felt was necessary for me. I like the looks of a hand drawn line. But I think there are times when a straight line will come in handy. Especially if I am trying to draw a building in the background or something like that. The notes also say that there are updated import scripts for After Effects, Flash/Animate, and ToonBoom’s Harmony. There was also a bug fix that has to do with adding in negative number inputs. Overall it sounds like a good update. But I won’t be installing this on my main machine yet until I have some time to make sure it works on my backup Mac first. And remember my advice not to update until you are done with your project, or at least the current shot you are working on. I can live without the straight line tools a little bit longer until I know this release doesn’t have any issues that will keep me from getting my animations done. Well, that’s about it for today. Thanks for joining me. This has been Patrick Davidson, the Expat Animator, see you next time!