Raging bull in our patio

Just a few hours ago, we had a white bull in our patio area. The same patio we are laying down new ceramic tile. Dempsey, our largest dog, was jumping at its head looking for the kill shot. While our two small barkers, Cusco and Princesa, were almost kicked in the head by some backward shooting kicks from the confused bull.

Just a few minutes earlier I was watching some Netflix after lunch. Half asleep, I heard my wife screaming for Dempsey to stop. I looked out the side door and saw the white, full grown bull jogging through our patio! I jumped up and ran barefoot outside. Dempsey had cornered the bull in the front corner where our car used to be parked. Luckily I can open that gate, but I didn’t have the key as we hardly ever use it anymore. Running back inside I finally found the right key in the key box and was able to let him out and into the street. But then his two friends wanted to be with him so they broke through our side barbed wire fence and joined him in the street.

Thinking the worst was over, I tried to calm the dogs down. Then my wife informed me that the neighbor’s gate was open and the bulls were now enjoying some of my wife’s plants in the front lot. A few phone calls went out for some help and eventually my brother-in-law Leo came over. Between the two of us, we were able to get the three bulls into the back property where they are supposed to be. This is harder than it sounds, trust me.

The spot in our fence where the bull jumped over.

Later, I found the spot where the white bull got into the backyard. It was in the back of our fence, where the posts are at the lowest. I guess he decided to jump over it. That has never happened before in the four and a half years we have been in this house. We just finished patching the broken spots of barbed wire and added a few more lines to boot. Hopefully, this was the first and last time that happens. But I doubt it.

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