My FREE Drawing Classes

Are you looking for FREE drawing and animation classes for your child? Give them my video courses and classes with the links below. They are child-friendly, around 20 minutes each — and taught by me, Patrick Davidson.

Being an expat down here in Costa Rica, I haven’t really seen the problems with homeschooling people are experiencing back in the United States. But, I am hearing from friends back home telling me that parents need help finding good teaching resources.

So I am posting this to remind people that I have NINE FREE VIDEO DRAWING TUTORIALS up on YouTube that are good for kids of any age. These videos show me hiking in Costa Rica, finding something interesting to draw, then drawing it. I explain how I draw it using basic shapes, so they can follow along. I called this video series “Hike Find Draw” and these videos contain hours of free, kid-friendly video tutorials.

Link to all nine YouTube videos here.

I also have ANIMATION COURSES that I have been making for the past year under the name “Expat Animator”. These are paid classes through Skillshare ($10/mo for unlimited classes) but I do have ONE FREE CLASS here:

If you want to sign up for 2 months of Skillshare for FREE, you can do so with this link:

Please pass these links along to anyone who may find them useful. Just because your kids are out of school doesn’t mean they can’t learn how to illustrate — or even animate. All they need is a pencil and paper!

(Note:  To make the most of my animation classes, you’ll want to download a $5 program called Rough Animator.)