Lots of welding

Last month (February) we finished a lot of smaller sized construction projects. Things like a new gate for our bridge, a new tool shed, kitchen shelves, and a new retainer wall/bar for our “pila” or laundry area. All but the last required welding. No, I don’t weld.

My brother-in-law Leo does though and he has done some very nice work for our house that we are really pleased with.

A welder at Pricesmart in Heredia.

We have been living in our house for over four years now. Back when we built it, we used wood to build our gates and tool shed. I don’t recommend using wood unless it is a hardwood that can withstand termites and a heavy combination of sun and rain. Within a year we had termites eating the wood so badly that things were already falling apart.

Our new tool shed – welded by Leo.

So what can you do?

Find a good welder and rebuild them with steel tubing! As long as you use an anti-corrosive paint when you are done, the metal will last a lot longer out here. I don’t think steel is even that much of a price difference from wood. And if you can find “segunda” (cosmetically scratched) you will save even more. I guarantee it’s cheaper than rebuilding every year or two.

Decorative kitchen mounts – welded by Leo.

So why bother to write about this? It’s because I grew up with wooden fences, wooden gates, wooden garage doors, etc. I should add that my wife initially warned me about building our gates out of wood.

Our new carport – welded by Leo.

Out here in the countryside of Costa Rica (San Carlos), they use cement posts and barbed wire for fences; and iron, steel, and aluminum for gates.