For Mami

Just over three weeks ago, my mother-in-law unexpectedly passed away. We were supposed to take her to the hospital for a sore throat and she ended up having a heart attack in the hospital while being seen by a doctor. My wife Grisela was with her at the time. It has been a very hard time for us and everyone is still in shock weeks later. I wanted to write something about her on my blog to remember her. I was fortunate to know Adelaida (Mami) for over 9 years. She was always ready to dance and to give me a cooked meal at any time of the day. My office is only feet away from her house. Just a few days before she passed, she came to my office and gave me a large photograph of my wife when she was young. She was giggling because she knew Grisela didn’t like the photo. I thanked her and she left very contented. That was my last gift from Mami and it is my favorite. She will be missed forever. Love you mami. Thanks for being my mom in Costa Rica.