Don’t Upgrade Software Mid-Project as an Animator

The first Expat Animator episode of 2021!


Want to avoid one of my biggest mistakes while working on a large animation project?
Stick around to find out in today’s episode of the Expat Animator
One of the biggest mistakes I have made as an independent animator is upgrading my software mid-project.
I’m not only talking about animation software.
I am also talking about any software you use to complete your animation, like audio, compositing, and editing softwares.
By the way, if you want to hear what editing software I use on my animations, see my last episode.
I have run into countless issues when upgrading a piece of software mid project.
It can be really frustrating.
But worse, if can cost you countless hours trying to fix the problems that can arise from upgrading your software.
I used to think:
“Oh look, my animation software has a new version out and look at all the new tricks it can do!
That will be great for my current project!”
What I should have thought was:
“Oh cool, there is a new version of my animation software out.
Those fancy new features will be fun to try on my NEXT project.”
See the difference?
My next project.
Not my current one.
Most likely, you have a decent workflow that is not broken.
So, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
Leave it alone.
This is especially true if you are working on a project for a client and are on a deadline.
The same can be said for your computer Operating System.
Don’t upgrade it mid project.
Just don’t.
Things can and most likely will break.
Things like driver compatibility with your drawing tablet!
Things like your scanner stops working.
Things like bugs in the software.
Software that used to work well, but now is driving you mad because you can’t figure out what the heck it is doing.
Avoid these problems by not upgrading.
Now there is an exception to this rule.
If things are not working like they should, maybe an upgrade will fix the problem.
You should do some research on forums first.
See if other people are having the same issues as you before taking this step.
But if you are experiencing something wacky in your software that is keeping you from completing your shot,
it might be time to see if a newer version of the software fixes that bug, so that you can continue working.
But more likely than not, your workflow is functioning well enough to finish your project.
So finish it up, then you can look into upgrading.
You will have the time to explore what other people are saying about the new version and if they are having issues with it or not.
Just remember to have a backup or two before you do it.
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This has been Patrick Davidson, the Expat Animator, see you next time!