Ditch Your Smartphone

So I finally bought that blue Nokia 3310 that I have been staring at for months in Maxi Pali. I got it for 29,000 colones (at 613 exchange rate) so it was $47.30. Not horrible but not cheap. It is 3G which would have been a deal breaker for me, as 2G doesn’t get good reception around here.

I will NOT be using this for any form of internet. No Instagram, no Twitter, no Facebook, no web browsing, no email. So I just need to pay for talking minutes and text messages on my prepaid card from Movistar.

I have got to say that holding this phone feels great. I remember the days of using the original. It may have been my last phone before I got my first iPhone (the original iPhone in 2007). Many people don’t remember but there was a 4 GB version of the original iPhone for $299. It was only sold for maybe three months. I think the 8GB iPhones were $499. So at $300 a brand new iPhone was a great deal. And I loved that phone even though it was only 2G. I am convinced I activated the very first iPhone in Costa Rica ever (early October 2007). If you think you beat me, comment below.

I am hoping that I will start calling people more now that texting is a pain on the Nokia 3310. And the call quality on this phone is great. The loudspeaker is nice and loud. The included headphones with microphone work excellent. And I love having physical keys again. I like buttons. I am not a fan of tech getting rid of buttons these days.

Other things I like about this phone, the flashlight is easy to get going (though not as easy as the double shake my Moto G5 Plus is). After a full day of use, the battery is at around 80% and I had an hour-long call and have been using it a lot to set up the home screen.

One issue I have had is I am unable to link my Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard up to the Nokia 3310. I get close but when it asks for the passkey, I don’t see one and it won’t let me connect. The only reason I want this is so I can text message faster when I am at my desk. But again, I don’t plan on sending many texts with this. It is for calling people.

One of the people I will call is my old roommate Ritesh. He is one of my buddies on Movistar so I can talk to him unlimited for free. Everyone is using WhatsApp here (not iMessage, that’s more popular in the USA). This phone doesn’t have WhatsApp. That’s OK because besides the occasional funny image coming through from our small CR group, I would rather call these people and talk to them, something I have not been doing for some time now thanks to smartphones.

Another thing I like is the ability to put the phone into the small pocket of my shorts, which frees up the big front pocket that is usually reserved for my smartphone. Just yesterday, I was able to put a few small limes into my front pocket because it was empty. I am also not worried about dropping this phone as they are pretty durable. So no need for a case, which just adds bulk, and who likes cases anyway? Plus a case is always at least another ten bucks.

One thing I have done so far is set up Text Magic again. I’ll go more in depth on this in another post, but basically it allows me to get an automatic text message for any emails that come through. I do miss is the ability to get notified by my security camera when there is movement in my office. This is something that will be partly fixed when I get an iPad again.

The main apps I miss so far are Slack, Zmodo, Podcasts, and Audible. All of which will be fixed by getting an iPad. I thought about getting a used iPod classic or iPod nano, but it probably isn’t needed just yet. Although might be fun for nostalgic reasons.

The camera, flashlight, calculator, timers, voice notes, contacts, music, and even Snake are all cool to have in a pinch. I will need to pick up a new SD card (maxes out at 32 GB) to store music and photos. But 32 Gigs is more than I ever had on any of my iPods, so I am looking forward to seeing how this plays music. I will even try and hook it up via Bluetooth to one of my Bluetooth speakers. And if that doesn’t work, there is always the headphone jack!

I am already liking the freedom and extra time I have from not reaching for my smartphone all the time. I am not big on social media, I closed my Facebook almost 3 years ago now and killed off my Twitter account (for the 2nd time) this year. Instagram is hanging on as it is an easy way for me to share what’s going on here in Costa Rica with folks back in California. Although I may just delete it too someday and use my blog as my only form of photo upload. So far so good, we will see how long I can keep this experiment up. Will I have to go back to using a smartphone? Only time will tell.

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