I was reading my journal today from a year ago and saw I had this crazy day. So I thought it was worth posting even though it is a year late. Here you go:

So yesterday had a lot of action. First, we came home from grocery shopping and found chicken feathers all over the patio! I think it managed to get away but we are not totally sure the dogs didn’t eat it. Then around 8:30 pm at night we had a countrywide earthquake (6.9). I was sleeping but Grisela woke me up and I saw the lights swinging. Then we found out there was a robbery in the neighbor’s house earlier that day and the cops car went flying down the street to go capture the perps. Sounds like they got 2 of the 3 but the third was at large so I had my baseball bat out. Then we were watching TV and a snake was in the living room (!) and I had to get it out with a broom. It’s a miracle I slept at all last night. What a day.


Dogs eat chicken (?)
Cops chase
Snake in family room

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