Crazy Lightning Storm

Yesterday afternoon I was in my office when a couple of loud lightning crashes hit nearby. I was on the phone with a client when I saw a spark popped from my breaker box. Then about three seconds later a HUGE crack and flash of lightning hit. I quickly got off the phone and unplugged all my electronics. Then I heard my wife’s niece call me and say she saw a large flash coming from outside my office right before the hit. It must have been the same spark I saw inside the office. For the next 3-4 hours, there must have been 20-30 very large lighting strikes. I ran over to my camping trailer to hide out as it is covered and is on four wheels. While inside some of the strikes sound waves were rocking the trailer. I was texting my wife over at the house where she was with our scared doggies. She said poor Princesa was shaking uncontrollably. There really wasn’t that much rain during this time, but I later found out that a lot of streets and bridges near me were being flooded, so I guess it was raining somewhere close. The weather is looking similar to yesterday. Hopefully, we don’t have a repeat with the lightning though.