Beach Cruisers

We got ourselves some new beach cruisers recently from the “American Outlet” store in Ciudad Quesada. These stores have been popping up in the last few years and they seem to import rejected items from the USA. I’m thinking they are returns and things that didn’t sell that get sold as bulk containers full of stuff. They get brought south on trucks and seem to get new shipments in every week.

These stores will get a wide variety of items in, from small bathroom utensils to furniture and exercise equipment. We recently stumbled upon a Huffy bike that had some very minor cosmetic scratches on it. It was a steal at $65 so we jumped on it. We liked it so much we went back and bought another one. We are loving them with our new asphalted streets and make going to and from the office actually fun.

We ordered some baskets for them that should show up tomorrow and then we can take them grocery shopping (or for beer runs!). As a side note, there was a Margaritaville branded one there too. And as much of a Jimmy Buffett fan as I am, I just couldn’t pay the premium they wanted for it.