My name is Patrick Davidson and I am an expat living in Central America. I am also known online as the “Expat Animator”, which is the name I use to teach animation and drawing classes online. I hold a degree in graphic design and have worked in the fields of publishing, TV graphics, film titles, web design, illustration, animation, and video editing. My personal projects are “Traveling Gringos” and “TREP“.

I decided to become an expat when I met my wife Grisela, a Costa Rican native. We currently live on her property in the canton of San Carlos — and we have three crazy dogs: Cusco, Dempsey, and Princesa. In 2013, we designed and built our house and have been loving it here ever since.

I’m originally from California and graduated from Chico State at the turn of the millennium. After one too many office jobs, I started traveling and freelancing. During this time I managed to travel to 17 countries on four continents. Eventually, I landed back in my favorite country of Costa Rica, where I met my beautiful wife. With her help, in 2017, I received my Costa Rican citizenship.

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